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The FarmWe live and farm at Swannacott Manor, a 200 acre pasture farm set in rolling hills just outside Week St Mary in North Cornwall. Our family have been farming in the area for over 6 generations.

We started selling meat from our own farm after our friends kept telling us just how good it tasted, straight from the farm.

We can offer you fresh tender joints delivered to your door. Just give us a call to discuss what you want. We will help you put together your order and deliver it with no hassle. Our aim is to provide you with the freshest tastiest meat possible.

The settlement of Swannacott is first recorded in 1302. Penaluna, writing in 1838, stated that "Swannacott house, a seat of the Grenvilles, was tekn down and a farmhouse...erected on the site of the ruins, which a few years ago, were very extensive...". The present farmhouse is 19th century and was built as part of a courtyard farm. The ruins of Swannacott house also included a chapel.

The land is made up of Anciently Enclosed Land (AEL), which is defined as having irregular field patterns with medieval or prehistoric origins. Many blocks of AEL have the remnants of medieval strip fields, either the enclosed strips themselves or the enclosed cropping units which contained these strips.

Winding lanes connect farming settlements that are doucmented before the 17th century and were usually originally small hamlets. The land tends to be relatively sheltered but can extend onto high downs.

The field name "Pound House" suggests the site of a pound house for cider making.

A single round mound, 21m across, is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs and may be a prehistoric barrow.

The field name "Round Blacka Park" possibly suggests the site of an Iron Age / Romano-British round (defended settlement) but perhaps refers only to the oval shape of the field.

An area of Ridge and Furrow is visible on aerial photos. The date of this is uncertain although it usually denotes medieval cultivation.

There is a site of Hartham Cottage which was cleared c1907.

A deer park was situated at Swannacott, although the exact location is uncertain. It is likely that it was within the woodland to the north, but may have extended onto the present day farm. Some of the boundaries around the farm may be part of the park pale (high vertical face on one side and sloping face on the other).

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